2004 Inheritance in Vestiges – Pedro Bresciane

2004 Inheritance in Vestiges – Pedro Bresciane

Group show – Meeting

Gravura Brasileira Gallery – São Paulo/SP

Registers traverse time and experimentation. They are kinds of fragile content that migrate in reproductive processes, and are mirrored by diffuse signs that alternatively dilute and retrieve the insistent power of memory.

Deconstructed signs are both ancestral vestiges and a guarantee of the heritability of their peers. An essential thing that is preserved is a seed in uncovenanted replication. Receptacles of autonomous meanings, the works presented by these three artists are like archival records extracted from the flows of a fleeting inheritance that is not imposed but coexists in the subtle ramifications of its actions.

Some years ago Maria Villares, patiently waiting for the action of time, carefully observed slices of an apple acquiring new corporeal conditions.

Placing herself in the position of a witness of the plastic potency life reflects in its movements, she created several compositions that retained an inherent conservation of form.

The dried fruit had kept formal traces of their embryonic memory, like data preserved in their cellular codes.

Maria’s recent work abbreviates the action of time in close readings resembling radiography. Her gaze now refutes the surface of the skin to submerge in the interior of a nearby entity, seeking echoes in her own system of biological transmission.

She leads us through mirrors of her motherhood, fragmentary images, suspended signs invaded by light that passes through interstices to reflect indices of corporeal memory back to us. Vestiges of an unfolding existence perceived in dynamic movement.

As in previous years, her images are simulacra of graven, unending time, an elegant poetic register of inheritance.

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